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Do you wonder how all that plastic ends up in the sea?

Do you get excited about programs that help preserve endangered wildlife?

Are you interested in making the world more sustainable?

Awesome! Let us help you with that!

Are you between 8 and 12 years old and would you like to explore all these issues and find solutions that help real people and animals in the real world?

Then our after-school and summer programs might be just what you are looking for!

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Summer School Program

From 14-18 June, each day from 9 AM until 15 PM

9,500 THB for the complete program

We LOVE wildlife, what about you? You will learn about the various species of beautiful wildlife in Thailand and why they need to be protected. We will do various field trips: We will visit rescue and rehabilitation center Elephant Nature Park, and we will visit a local market to explore awareness of illegal trade. In our workshop room, we will look for ways on how to use this information to create materials that increase awareness.

You will finish the project by creating a super cool video with your team members on the importance of nurturing and protecting wildlife.


Summer School Program

From 21-25 June, each day from 9 AM until 15 PM

9,500 THB, for the complete program 

We LOVE pizza, hamburgers, noodle soup, and French fries. Unfortunately, not all people have the privilege to eat these foods. And did you know that there are simply too many people on the planet to feed if we stick to our current eating habits? What are we going to do about that?

You will develop the menu of the future! You will be inspired in many ways, like during a trip to an organic farm. You will also have to roll up your sleeves and get right into the action: you will cook your own vegan meal in a vegan cooking workshop. So start working on your cutting technique.

In our workshop space, you will use all the information to develop a future-proof menu.

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Every Saturday, from August 21st to September 18 (5x)

from 9 AM-11h30 AM

6,000 THB for the complete program

Location: Villa San Pee Seua, Chiang Mai, and in our workshop space in Chiang Phueak

Villa San Pee Seua needs your help! You will develop a plan on how to make the hotel more sustainable.​ And how exciting: we will partially work on this project IN the hotel! 

First, you will learn about sustainable tourism and the many ways in which a hotel can become (more) sustainable. We will do an excursion to two hotels in the Chiang Mai region to get some inspiration.

You will present your advice to the management.​ To celebrate your successful pitch, we will end the project with a surprise.

After-School Program

Starting early November, more details will be added. Max 10 children.

​We are looking for some true innovators for this project. After this project, you will be a real coffee expert. ​

You will work together with a café that assists coffee producers of the Thai Hill tribes to grow coffee organically and fair trade. We will do a full-day excursion to the Hill tribes where you will help with coffee picking. You will also experience the full production process from bean to cup. 

After that, you will learn all about product innovations. Lanna Café needs your help: apart from coffee and tea, what else can be produced from coffee plants and beans? Shampoo? Skin care products? It is up to you to find market opportunities. You will present your findings to the coffee team of Lanna. 

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It is great to hear that you would like to join one of our programs. Please confirm with your parent(s) or guardian that you are allowed to sign up.

Plan an intake

Before you can join our program, we will first plan an intake. This will take place via an online call. You will have a call with our director, Inge Rozendal. In 15 minutes she will have a chat with you. It is very important that you speak and understand English very well, so by talking to you and getting to know you, she can see assess your level of English. She will also ask you questions like what is your favorite animal and why? And why does this project make you so interested? She loves chatting and hearing all about what you find interesting and inspiring. There are no wrong answers to any of the questions that she will ask you, so no need to prepare anything.

We do ask you or your parent(s) or guardian to send us your grade sheet or report card from your school prior to our chat, so we can see your latest MAP-scores.

So please consult your parent(s) or guardian and if all are on board, make sure to sign up below. We are looking forward to meeting you!



Please make sure to drop us a message.

Thanks for submitting!

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